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SOLOVERO company invests all its skills, inspiration, warmth of hands and hearts in every designer product, that’s why customer feedback, their gratitude and commitment are so important for us. We will also appreciate your feedback on our products, services and service level.

Mirror ... It would seem a simple thing, but what Solovero does is just different from everything I've seen. Clearly, I boughtit and hung it in a landmark place. I rejoice every day. I always leave Soloveroshop in a terrible mood! Ask me why? Because I just want to buy everything at once, all the tables and shelves, all the chairs and boards, all the light and ceramics. EXCELLENT STORE, living its own interior life and standing out by its PERFECT TASTE. My advice - change the interiors in which you live often, and you will be happy!

Photo Oleg Efremov
Oleg Efremov
The head of the largest European event agency CHIEF EXECUTIVE

Making out the interiors for commercial premises, restaurants and other HoReCa facilities, I like to use unique things that give the space originality and special character. In this respect, furniture, lighting, decoration and finishing materials for the walls by SOLOVERO provide the richest possibilities. I was imbued with this product so much that I bought the Nino table in my office. I wish good luck and a lot of creative ideas to the whole SOLOVERO team!

Photo Ruslan Solnarev
Ruslan Solnarev
Architect - designer, head of the author's design bureau

I cooperate with SOLOVERO company on permanent basis, as I work with vintage parquet and create other products from vintage wood. I want to note the highest quality of products, its uniqueness for the Ukrainian market, the creativity and professionalism of the team, as well as responsible attitude to all interactions. I was glad to deal with you!

Photo Roman Goreglyad
Roman Goreglyad
Designer, decorator, President of the International Forum of Spanish Design, Advisor to the Minister of Culture of Ukraine

When I needed the headrest of a bed from a vintage board to decorate a loft-style housing, I knew exactly where to buy it - of course, in SOLOVERO! Only they can provide such a unique product as a vintage LOFT board of the highest quality and even as soon as possible. Of course, I am now your constant and dedicated customer!

Photo Ekaterina Nikonets
Ekaterina Nikonets

We were looking for a special table of author's design and necessarily made of natural materialto the new house. Wefound such tablein SOLOVERO.It was a table of Vintage Oak with a filling of cracks by 70%.We fell in love with it from the first glance! We are very satisfied with the acquisition and, of course, we will buyother products from you.

Photo Andrey and Tatiana
Andrey and Tatiana

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