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Vintage board and beams

The vintage board and beams by SOLOVERO are a unique product with a history that
was created by decades by nature itself. Its age is from 20 to 100 years, and each of its elements is unique: identical items simply do not exist!

If you appreciate the exclusive and long-lasting design of the room, it's best to dwell on woodenfinishing. The most attractive and solid solution in this case is the vintage board and beams by SOLOVERO, the characteristics of which can satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetes. This unique natural material allows you to create a refined individual interior, a respectable atmosphere and a special atmosphere in both residential and commercial space.

Vintage board and beam by SOLOVERO are perfectly suited for finishing walls, ceilings, fragments of rooms and interior zones, and also are used in production of:

  • decorative beams;
  • countertops and coffee tables;
  • racks and shelves;
  • doors and steps;
  • headrest of bed.

The product offered by us is not only unique, but also universal: it can be used in almost any interior solutions from classical to modern, from conceptual to minimal.

We vouch for the safety and environmental compatibility of the vintage board and timber that pass the radiological control, cleaning and treatment with antiseptic, grinding or brushing, coating with anti-inflammable impregnation. Impressive practical and aesthetic characteristics made this product truly in demand not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond our country.

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