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Wall lamella Deoola

Finishing the walls with natural wood has ceased to require significant costs and long-term installation! Proof of this - a wall lamella Deoola from SOLOVERO: a unique product, which was the result of the work of specialists of different profiles and passed more than 1000 tests.

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Wall lamella has become a popular and needed product of wall decoration due to ecological compatibility, modern design and simple installation. This is the kind of finish that will serve for years and decades, creating a coziness and aesthetics of space. Thin and practical lamella can be painted in any color at the customer's choice, creating the effect of antique wood or the smoothness of modern panels. So, the product can be used in various interior solutions.

Easy to use
Deoola wall lamella is easy to install and can make the interior even more individual and thoughtful. The lamella is ideally glued to a smooth, even surface vertically or horizontally. The use of different types of lamellas and laying it out in checkerboard order or in turn makes the interior design even more unusual and refined. With this innovative product, you can easily finish both the walls and the ceiling.

The first stage of lamella production is the selection of the tree species that has successfully passed the primary and secondary processing. This stage requires special attention of specialists because all further processes depend on the quality of the selected wood.
The further creation of modern wall panels includes several important steps:

  • selection and sorting of the tree;
    4 mm cutting;
    Another stage of sorting according to varieties of lamellae;
    grinding to produce a smooth wood;
    coating with anti-inflammable impregnation and impregnation from insects and fungus;
    oil coating and staining;
    application of heavy-duty tape that guarantees durable operation.

After passing through all these stages, the lamellae are ready for implementation and use.

Deoola wall lamellas are 100% eco-friendly and can be used for successful and efficient finishing of residential and commercial real estate, and long-term service makes it a truly profitable investment.

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