Vintage Loft tabletop

Vendor code: NB06317
Thickness 40 mm
Material Oak, ash, alder, fruit old trees
Covering Transparent matt lacquer / oil
Colour Natural
Surface structure Smooth

Vintage Loft solid-surface lamella tabletop is a combination of a unique natural material and skillful manual processing, perfect for exclusive furnishing, decorating walls, interior zones or their fragments. The tabletop is made of vintage oak, having a history of almost 170 years! Tabletop thickness is 40 mm. The smooth or brushed surface of the item retains the natural texture of wooden fibers with chaotic small cracks and knots covered with a layer of transparent varnish or oil (at customer’s choice). It is also possible to realize an "antique-style" look or supply an uncoated tabletop for use in various interior and stylistic solutions.

We carry out 3 types of cracks sealing, the cost depends on the level of their fill:

  • Level 0 - varnish / oil coating, cracks open;
  • Level 1 - partially filled cracks in the depth, the hole remains;
  • Level 2 – full even cracks / texture fill.

We also provide additional options:

  • Milling - 150 UAH / 1 lm
  • Brushing - UAH 126/1 sq. m
  • Insulating coating on both sides for moisture protection - 600 UAH / 1 sq. m.

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