Wabi-sabi tabletop

Vendor code: NB06314
Thickness 40 mm
Material Oak, ash, alder, fruit old trees
Covering Varnish transparent matt/ oil/ epoxy resin
Colour Natural
Surface structure Strongly squashed, “wormwood” or textured

For exclusive and eco-friendly furniture decoration (as well as decoration of walls, steps, interior zones and their fragments) TM SOLOVERO offers a unique natural material with skillful manual processing - Wabi-sabi tabletop. A solid-surface or adhesively bonded lamella tabletop has a thickness of 40 mm and is made of vintage oak, which is 50 to 170 years old. The surface of the tabletop has a distinct texture, strongly hewn or moldered, and the coating protecting it from atmospheric effects, moisture, ultraviolet radiation and mold. The coatings used are: transparent matte varnish, oil, epoxy resin pouring with different levels of cracks sealing.

We carry out 3 types of cracks sealing, the cost depends on the level of their fill:

  • Level 0 - varnish / oil coating, cracks open;
  • Level 1 - partially filled cracks in the depth, the hole remains;
  • Level 2 – full even cracks / texture fill.

We also provide additional options:

  • Milling - 150 UAH / 1 lm
  • Brushing - UAH 126/1 sq. m
  • Insulating coating on both sides for moisture protection - 600 UAH / 1 sq. m.

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