Lin Vintage tabletop

Vendor code: NB06601
Width 1000 mm
Length 2000 mm
Thickness 40 mm
Material Vintage oak
Covering Transparent matte varnish
Colour Natural
Lining Beam section of 100x100 mm
Weight 40 kg / sq. m.

Lin Vintage tabletop by SOLOVERO masters is a combination of a unique natural material and minimal manual processing for exclusive decoration of dining or work-tables, bar counters, cafés, bars and restaurants. The tabletop is made of vintage oak, which is almost 170 years old! The design of the product is prefabricated: the inner part is 40 mm thick and the lining is made of a beam with a cross section of 100x100 mm (these are standard sizes, a beam of another section can be used on request).

The lining and the internal side can have the same or different texture, at the customer’s choice:

  • Vintage Loft: shallow and no-long small cracks, knots of different sizes, smooth texture;
  • Vintage Fun: with deep, wide, long cracks in medium and large quantity, with knots in medium quantity;
  • Vintage Gloss: hewn texture, cracks allowable, a knot permissible;
  • Wabi-Sabi: strongly moldered, textured.

* Wabi-Sabi texture is not recommended for the lining

Variants of cracks sealing:

  • Level 0 - varnish / oil coating, cracks open;
  • Level 1 - partially filled cracks in the depth, the hole remains;
  • Level 2 – full even cracks / texture fill.

Additional options:

  • Milling - 150 UAH / 1 lm
  • Brushing - UAH 126/1 sq. m
  • Insulating coating on both sides (for moisture protection and use of tabletops in wet premises) - 600 UAH / 1 sq. m.

The tabletop presented on the site is made with the Vintage Loft texture, 1 level of crack sealing, size: 2000x1000x40 / 100 mm, lining is a 100x100 mm beam.


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