Craft tabletop

Vendor code: NB06630
Width 700/ 800 mm
Length 1200/1600 mm
Thickness 40 mm
Material Vintage oak
Cover color Natural woody
Insert materia Chipboard 18 mm
Insert color White / black graphite

Craft tabletop by the SOLOVERO craftsmen is a laconic simplicity of the form, an elegant and durable construction, a thoughtful design and a harmonious combination of a unique natural material (vintage oak) with high-quality chipboard. The tabletop cover is made of 130 mm wide and 40 mm thick vintage oak, preserving the natural wood texture and natural color. The insertion part is an 18 mm thick chipboard in two colors (at customer's choice): white or black graphite. It is possible to order the tabletop in different sizes, at the moment there are overall dimensions of 1600x800x40 mm and 1200x700x40 mm.


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