Wola prop support

Vendor code: NB06617
Width 600 mm
Height 730 mm
Length 1670 mm
Material Vintage oak, metal plate 4 mm, decorative turnbuckles
Covering Transparent matte varnish (oak); powder coating (metal)
Colour Natural woody, matte black

The perfection of style, taste, effective design, eco-friendly materials and solid construction - all this is Wola prop support by Solovero! The original form of the support resembles the English letter "W" and allows to reliably place any tabletop on it. The support is made of vintage oak, fastened with a 4 mm thick metal plate, painted in matte black by powder method. The highlight of the design of the support is the decorative metal turnbuckles, giving the table a slightly “industrial” look, which fits perfectly into such interior styles as loft, industrial, grunge, constructivism and other conceptual directions. The size of the support, 1670x600x730 mm, allows using it with almost any tabletop from our collection.


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