Posta prop support

Vendor code: NB06614
Width 120 mm
Height 710 mm
Length 720 mm
Material Vintage beam 100x100 mm, metal pipe 10x10 mm
Covering Powder coating
Colour Natural woody, matte black

Furniture supports of the original design effectively complement the look of the table, make it an accent element of space and serve as a reliable base for the tabletop. Such is the Posta prop support by the Solovero masters. Its stylish and simultaneously elegant design consists of a vintage beam with a 100x100 mm section and a 10x10 mm metal pipe, painted in noble black color by a safe powder method. The surface of vintage wood is protected from external effects with a layer of transparent matte varnish. The universal size of the support is 720x120x710 mm, allowing its use for most of the tabletops made by our company.


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