Masta prop support

Vendor code: NB06613
Width 215 mm
Height 710 mm
Length 720 mm
Material Vintage beam 100x100 mm, metal pipe 10x10 mm
Covering Powder coating
Colour Natural woody, matte black

The Masta prop support by the Solovero masters is the firmness and solidity of the table, harmoniously combined with the original construction and creative approach to the designing of furniture. The “heart” of the support is a vintage beam with a 100x100 mm section, complemented by metal elements made of 10x10 mm pipe, covered with noble black powder paint. Dimensions of support are 720x215x710 mm. Using the furniture supports Masta prop and various tabletops made of vintage wood by our craftsmen, the customer can independently create a table model that will most closely reflect their taste and attitude.


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