Inviz Shelving

Vendor code: NB06053
Depth 400 mm
Height 2015 mm
Length 1437 mm
Frame Material Vintage Oak
Coating Transparent matt varnish
Frame color Natural
Shelf material Tempered Glass 8 mm, body tint glass
Shelf color Dark grey
Number of shelves 5

Being the most extraordinary and yet very functional the Inviz Shelving will easily conquer the hearts of connoisseurs of vintage style in the interior. Now your decorative products and books can find their place on the shelves of this designer product from the Ukrainian manufacturer. Dimensions of the construction are 2015х1437х400 mm, and the natural shade of wood emphasizes its originality. Tempered toned glass with a thickness of 8 mm has a pleasant dark gray hue. NABAZE store will help to buy a design shelving.


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