Lora Pipe pendant shelf

Vendor code: NB06582
Width 1000 mm
Depth 280 mm
Height 40 mm
Material Vintage oak
Covering Transparent matte varnish
Colour Natural
Base diameter 80 mm
Base depth 300 mm

Each detail has its own meaning in a stylish and thoughtful interior, so the Lora Pipe pendant shelf will become a real finding for the premises with an emphasis on natural materials that have undergone minimal manual processing and retain their unique natural texture. Vintage oak served as raw material for the shelf; its age reaches almost a hundred years! The design of the shelf is open and extremely laconic, because all the attention focuses on the natural beauty of the oak and the pattern of wood fibers, which is as unique as human fingerprints. The wood surface is protected from external influences (moisture, mold, ultraviolet radiation)with a layer of transparent matte varnish.


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