Gola M2 Console

Vendor code: NB06577
Width 1000 mm
Depth 350 mm
Height 900 mm
Material Vintage oak, 18 mm chipboard
Covering Transparent matte varnish
Colour Natural, matte black

Gola M2 Console, created by SOLOVERO masters of vintage oak, will help to addcomfort and an original designer accent to a hallway or any other space. Minimal manual processing and coating with a transparent matte varnish made it possible to preserve the natural texture and lively charm of natural wood as much as possible. The console design is complemented by a side drawer made of black chipboard. This is a practical and aesthetic author’s furnitureallowing you to select each element of furniture with taste and sense, and its absolute environmental friendliness makes the home healthy and filled with energy of warmth.


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