Mova 2 MIrror

Vendor code: NB06255
Width 385/ 490/ 600 mm
Length 430/ 530/ 660 mm
Thickness 30 mm
Material Vintage oak
Covering Tinting, matt lacquer
Colour Natural
The form Figured

Non-standard interior, decorated with original items made from environmentally friendly natural materials, requires the same decor. Therefore, the Mova 2 Wall Mirror is the perfect complement to the loft, eco, grunge, rustic, vintage and other conceptual styles, where the author's design and the use of natural wood are valued with minimal (mostly manual) surface treatment. The mirror frame is made of vintage oak, the unique texture of which is underlined and protected from external influences by a layer of transparent matte varnish.

We can offer you Mova 2 Mirror in three versions of overall dimensions:
S - 430x385x30 mm
M - 530х490х30 mm
L - 660h600h30 mm


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