Tatris pendant lamp

Vendor code: NB06587
Height 1200 mm
Material Vintage Oak, natural leather
Covering Transparent matte varnish
Colour Natural woody, black
Number of light sources 4
Lamp Type LED
Lamp power 3 W
Color temperature 3000 К
Size of pendant elements 350x350x250 mm
Fastener size 80x80x50 mm
Cap Е24

For those appreciatingdesigner lighting and non-standard approach to the design of space, SOLOVERO offers Tatris pendant Lamp. This lighting device combines modern design trends, vintage materials and LED technology – it’s an amazing combination! The original pendant element of the lamp is made of vintage oak beams fastened with natural leather, the ceiling mount is of vintageoak. The surface of the wood is protected from moisture, UV and other external influences with a layer of transparent matte varnish. The light sources are 4 3W LED lamps, emitting bright light of the warm spectrum, a pleasant and safe for the eyes, having high efficiency and a long service life with low power consumption.


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