Singleceiling lamp Rubicon 6

Vendor code: NB06278
Width 120 mm
Length 120 mm
Material Vintage Alder
Covering Transparent matt varnish
Colour Natural
Number of light sources 1
Lamp Type LED M16
Lamp power 5 W
Mounting method Ceiling
Lamp base GU5.3
Temperature color 3000 K (warm light)
Voltage 220 v

If you need a universal, laconic and charismatic lighting device made from natural materials for high-quality point or zoned illumination of space, the best model will be the single ceiling lamp Rubicon 6. Created by SOLOVERO designers from vintage alder with a hand crafted surface, the lamp combines the uniqueness of natural material with the ultimate mature design, versatile shapes and compact size. The light source is an LED lamp, which functionality allows filling the room with a soft comfortable light, while at the same time consuming a minimum of electricity. The advantage of this lamp is also its long service life, far exceeding the performance of a conventional incandescent lamp.


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