Suspended lamp Oxi 1000

Vendor code: NB06272
Depth 40 mm
Height 1200 mm
Length 1000 mm
Material Vintage Alder
Covering Transparent matt varnish
Colour Natural
Number of light sources 1
Lamp Type LED Tape
Lamp power 10,8 W
Temperature color 3000 K (warm light)
Voltage 220 v

Exquisitely laconic and functional Suspended lamp Oxi 1000 is a stylish lighting device that combines unique natural materials with "history" and modern lighting technologies. The material of the luminaire is vintage alder, covered with a transparent matte varnish, which fits perfectly into the interiors of loft styles, eco, grunge, rustic, vintage, where natural surfaces with minimal processing are appreciated. The constructive solution of the luminaire is simple and noble at the same time: two suspension elements 300 mm long and 1000 mm long respectively, 40 mm diameter each. In the lower hanging element there is an illumination source: a LED stripthat emits intense soft light of a pleasant warm spectrum and consumes a minimum of electricity. The maximum height of the luminaire from the ceiling is 1200 mm.


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