Suspended lamp Trixy

Vendor code: NB06270
Width 470 mm
Height 1000 mm
Length 540 mm
Material Vintage Alder
Covering Transparent matt varnish
Colour Natural
Lamp Type LED Tape
Lamp power 6 W
Temperature color 3000 K (warm light)
Voltage 220 v

The Suspension lamp Trixy - an excellent design and functional solution for lighting a stylish interior or a selected piece of space (workplace, recreation area, etc.). The undeniable advantages of the lamp are its environmental friendliness, noble laconic design and energy-saving properties, as a modern LED lamp with a comfortable warm light and an economical mode of electricity consumption is used as a light source. A luminaire made of vintage alder, covered with a transparent matte varnish, and a metal profile in a safe powder coating. The height of the luminaire is 1200 mm, the length is 400 mm, and the width is 400 mm.


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