Moka table lamp

Vendor code: NB06622
Width 190/220 mm
Height 500/425 mm
Length 190/220 mm
Number of light sources 1
Lamp power 10 W
Frame material Vintage oak, metal tube
Frame coating Transparent matte varnish
Frame color Natural woody
Lampshade Material Ecoplastic
Lampshade Color Mocha
Wire Fabric Braid
Cap Е 27
Power supply 220 V

Author's designer lighting makes it possible not only to illuminate the room at high quality, but also to decorate it with atmospheric objects, effectively complementing the overall interior. Such is the Moka table lamp by Solovero, presented in two sizes: 190x190x500 mm and 220x220x425 mm, which allows using it both in pairs and solo. The base of the luminaire is a solid fragment of the vintage oak array, carefully processed manually and covered with a protective layer of transparent matte varnish. The lampshade is made of safe eco-plastic and has a pleasant mocha-like shade with a soft satin sheen. As a light source, a Lamp with wattage up to 10 W with cartridge for the E27 cap.


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