Flaton pendant lamp

Vendor code: NB06585
Height 1200 mm
Diameter 350 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Material Vintage Oak, plastic, metal
Colour Natural woody, black
Number of light sources 1
Lamp Type LED
Lamp power 5 W
Color temperature 3000 K (warm light)
Plafond diameter 80 mm
Plafond height 15 mm
Cap Е27

Versatility and originality, laconism of forms and elegance of proportions, combination of modern and vintage materials are all the advantages of a new lighting fixture by the masters of SOLOVERO. Flaton pendant lamp will delight connoisseurs of minimalistic design and well-thought-out constructs, able to complement the room literally by just a few bright touches, bringing into ittheir unique charm. In addition, Flaton lamp is functional, economical and durable. The LED lamp used consumes only 5 watts, while giving bright, but pleasant to the eye and fatigue-free light of the warm spectrum.


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