Grino Table

Vendor code: NB06174
Depth 1040 mm
Height 770 mm
Length 2100 mm
Tabletop material Tempered Glass, 8 mm
Frame material Vintage Oak
Coating Transparent matt varnish
Material of supports Metal in powder painting

We proudly present a unique and unusually spectacular piece of furniture - the Grino Table, which is combining vintage wood, metal and glass in a single monolithic design, designed in accordance with the principles of constructivism. Constructivism is considered a Soviet phenomenon and part of our history, this style is inherent in severity, geometrism, laconic forms and monolithic appearance. That's why this particular design method was chosen to create the Grino table. But this is an ironic view on constructivism, since its supporters rejected any stylistic attitude.

A transparent, sturdy tabletop made of tempered eight-millimeter glass opens the view of the main structural and artistic element of the table - a frame made of vintage oak. The unique texture of natural wood is practically untouched, and for protection from moisture, mold and other negative factors it is covered with a layer of transparent matte varnish. Reliable and geometrically verified table supports - metal in powder painting of black matte color. The tablehasoveralldimensionsof 2100x1040x770 mm.


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