Table Seven

Vendor code: NB06748
Width 2000 mm
Depth 1000 mm
Height 750 mm
Material Oak Vintage
Covering Clear varnish
Colour Natural Woody
Worktop thickness 40 mm

If you need a large, solid and spectacular table made of natural material - pay attention to the Table Seven from Solovero masters. Its design is durable, versatile and original at the same time, and the material of manufacture is a vintage oak “with a history” preserved in a unique pattern of wood fiber texture. Therefore, the tabletop and table supports were manually processed according to the author's technology, as well as coated with a transparent matte varnish that protects the wood from moisture, steam, mold, exposure to sunlight and other negative factors. The countertop is a prefabricated one, made of scale and internal textured part, its size is 2000x1000x40 mm. The size of one support is 700x100x710 mm. Table height 750 mm.


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