Nino Oak table

Vendor code: NB06863
Width 2000 mm
Depth 900 mm
Height 750 mm
Worktop thickness 100/40 or 125/40 mm
Size of the support 100x100x750 or 125x125x750 mm
Countertop Material Oak Vintage
Countertop coating Clear matt varnish
Tabletop color Natural wood
Prop material Vintage oak, 4 mm metal plate
Coating of props Wood - varnish, metal - powder coating with polymerization
Prop color Natural wood, matt black

The Nino Oak table is a designer look at everyday furniture and an unusual approach to the choice of materials, which makes the product a real decoration of the space and its “highlight”, wherever the table is located. Its countertop is made of textured vintage oak with a thickness of 40 mm in the lining of a vintage timber with a section of 100x100 or 125x125 mm (optional). The original table supports are made of timber (100x100 or 125x125 mm, depending on the selected countertop option) and a metal plate in powder coating with polymerization. The dimensions of the table 2000x900x750 mm make it possible to place a large company of people behind it in order to enjoy a meal or a friendly chat together. You can order a table with delivery, production time - 14 days.


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