Dining table Kathmandu

Vendor code: NB06752
Height 750 mm
Diameter 1400 mm
Material Oak Vintage
Covering Clear matt varnish
Colour Natural wood
Worktop thickness 40 mm

Solovero presents Kathmandu dining table made of vintage oak, preserving unique traces of the influence of time and nature itself on the wood texture. Therefore, our craftsmen processed the wood manually, carefully preserving its valuable surface, carefully filling cracks and knots with transparent varnish to prevent destruction and protection from moisture, ultraviolet radiation and other adverse factors. The design of the table is concise and spectacular: a round worktop with a diameter of 1400 mm and a thickness of 40 mm is located on a solid base of adjustable legs. The height of the legs is 710 mm, the diameter is 800 mm. The table itself has a height of 750 mm, is convenient, comfortable and allows you to accommodate a large company of close people behind it.


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