Conni table

Vendor code: NB06864
Width 750 mm
Depth 750 mm
Height 760 mm
Worktop thickness 40 mm
Support size Height 725 mm, diameter 400 mm
Countertop Material Oak Vintage
Countertop Coating Varnish / Oil-Wax / Oil
Tabletop color Natural wood
Prop material Metal
Pedestal coating Powder coating with polymerization
Prop color Matte black

For furnishing a cafe, bar, restaurant with a conceptual interior, as well as for modern kitchens in an apartment or country house, Solovero offers the Conni Table, combining vintage material with a contemporary design and reliable functionality. The table top is made of vintage oak with the original Avi end-face, and its surface is reliably protected from negative influences by transparent varnish, oil-wax or oil (optional). Durable metal support with a base diameter of 400 mm is painted with a powder paint with polymerization in matt black. The design of the table is strong, stable and will provide a significant period of operation, while maintaining a spectacular appearance.
You can order a Conni table both with the Loft-2 worktop (in this photo), and with other worktops from the Solovero collection.


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