Dining table Apps

Vendor code: NB06751
Width 1600/2400 mm
Depth 900 mm
Height 750 mm
Material Oak vintage
Covering Clear matt varnish
Colour Natural wood
Worktop thickness 40 mm
Attached part of the tabletop 900x400x440 mm
Completeness 2 attached parts of a table-top

Dining table Apps is a great solution for those who like to receive guests, but have limited space. The attached parts of the countertop allow it to be extended by 800 mm, and if not needed, they are removed and stored from below. The length of the countertop with attached parts is 2400 mm, and without them - 1600 mm. But functionality and usability are not the only advantage of the Apps table! Its advantage is also a unique workmanship - vintage oak, hand-crafted with preservation of the natural wood texture. To protect the surface from moisture, steam, mold, ultraviolet radiation and other negative effects, a transparent matte varnish is used. Table width - 900 mm, height - 750 mm.


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