Twince-1 coffee table

Vendor code: NB06102
Depth 500 mm
Height 450 mm
Length 800 mm
Table top material Vintage Oak
Table topcoating Polyester resin, transparent oil
Color of table top Natural
Thickness of table top 40 mm
Material of supports Metal 4 mm; wood trim
Coating of supports Powder coating with polymerization
Color of supports White/ black

For connoisseurs of unique furniture that combines authenticity and functionality, we offer the Twince-1 Coffee Table - a harmonious embodiment of contemporary design trends in vintage material. A table top with a thickness of 40 mm is made of natural oak almost a century old with a natural pattern of wood fibers carefully preserved by our craftsmen. Polyester resin, transparent oil or varnish coating protects the tabletop from moisture, fungus, scratches and other adverse effects. The table supports are made of4 mm thick metal and covered with white or black matte powder paint, which gives them an unusually airy and elegant look on the background of a massive table top. Coffee table is 440 mm in height,table top dimensions are 690x440 mm.


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