Console Fina

Vendor code: NB06861
Width 1800 mm
Depth 400 mm
Height 900 mm
Material Brushed Oak
Covering Clear varnish
Colour Natural Woody
Width between props below 540 mm

An elegant console is a functional and aesthetic addition to the interior of almost any style and purpose. And the Fina Console from Solovero is also, moreover, a noble natural material - handmade oak (brushing), which preserves the unique pattern of wood fibers. To protect the wood surface from the negative effects of the external environment, moisture, ultraviolet radiation, mold, a transparent matte varnish is used. On such a console, decor with natural materials, a collection of objects in the loft style, author's ceramic products, etc., will look unusually spectacular. The overall dimensions of the product are 1800x400x900 mm, the width between the supports from the bottom is 540 mm. Custom manufacturing within 14 days.


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