Smart stool

Vendor code: NB07049
Width 410 mm
Depth 450 mm
Height 450 mm
Material Vintage Oak
Covering Matt transparent varnish
Colour Natural Woody
Seat Shape Triangular
Stacking Yes

Designer furniture with three legs always looks non-trivial, and if it is, moreover, made of vintage wood, like Smart Stool, then the effect of the interior is ensured! This is a durable, stable and comfortable stool with a triangular seat, the smooth surface of which fully allows you to admire the natural beauty of the tree, its natural texture and the unique pattern of fibers, cracks, knots hand-crafted and coated with a protective layer of transparent matte varnish. Such stools will look great both in a stylish home interior, and in cafes, lounge bars, loft, rustic, vintage, chalet, ethnic style restaurants. They are convenient to store, stack up to 6 pieces on top of each other and even in this form can be used to decorate a room (for example, as a stand for a flowerpot with a flower).


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