A set of Tumi Ishi stones in a gift case

Vendor code: NB06061
Case Material Alder, aspen, oak, cherry
Material of bars Cherry, walnut, ash
Case size 319x90x78 mm
The weight 700-800 g

A set of Tumi Ishi stones (translated from the Japanese "Mountain of Stones") is an exciting game for children and adults. Drawing up pyramids and other constructions helps to develop a sense of balance, the ability to achieve results, intuition, accurate eye, sleight of hand, patience, precision.
Composition of the set: a case and stones of Tumi Ishi in the amount of 5 items.
Stones, material: cherry, walnut, ash
Case, material: alder, aspen, oak, cherry
Case, size: length is 319 mm, width is 90 mm, height is 78 mm
Weight of the set depends on the type of wood 0,7-0,8 kg


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