Vintage tree in the interior is a global design trend


The use of vintage wood in the design of home and commercial interiors is gaining more and more adherents in many countries around the world, becoming a steady trend. Antique wood on the floor, ceiling or walls, furniture and decor from the recycled wood not only look amazing, but also create a unique homely atmosphere filled with the vibrant energy of natural material.

Since the trends of world design in recent years clearly tend to be eco-friendly, the vintage tree comes to the fore, being not only completely environmentally friendly, but also allowing to protect forests from merciless cutting. Recycled wood gets new life in the original designer products and finishing materials, while preserving the life of existing trees and entire ecosystems!

Advantages of the vintage wood

Presented in different textures, colors and types, vintage wood has a special appearance, unique in each product. This is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers and an opportunity to create truly exclusive things existing in a single copy. In addition, vintage tree has the following advantages:

  • durability: the old wood is much stronger and more resistant to deformation, swelling or cracking than the new wood;
  • practicality in everyday use: any scratches and abrasions of the surface are easily consistent with vintage design;
  • an interesting story that recycled wood often possesses;
  • versatility and an amazing ability to harmonize withtraditional design (antique, classic, neoclassic, ethno), country styles (country, Provence, rustic, chalets), modern directions (loft, grunge, Scandinavian), and conceptual solutions (constructivism, eco, industrial).

Spectacular and charismatic vintage wood looks amazing in almost any product, whether it is furniture or a wooden bar for the wall decoration, a ceiling lamp or a frame for a wall mirror, designer flooring or individual décor. This material fills the interior with a special, and at the same time natural sounding, full of unique accents.

Products from vintage wood from SOLOVERO

SOLOVERO is an inspired follower of the recycled wood use in all of its projects. Our designers work only with vintage wood, creating exclusive products for the most sophisticated consumers who want to surround themselves with unique and eco-friendly items.

We use the author's method of manual, maximally careful processing of wood, allowing to preserve the pristine beauty of wood texture and the natural pattern of fibers, which is as unique as human fingerprints. For the protection against mold, fungus, woodworm and other negative effects, SOLOVERO uses microwave woodprocessing, which is non-toxic and absolutely safe for the material, people and environment.

If you want to create a truly original, fashionable and eco-friendly interior able to delight and inspire you for many years, the best solution is vintage tree!

Стеллаж Zion
Shelving Zion
Стеллаж Inviz
Shelving Inviz
Декоративная планка Gloss
Decorative strip Gloss
Винтажная доска Décor Unic
Vintage board Décor Unic

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