Solovero vintage wood table in the Successful Project program


Solovero and its design products became participants in the Successful Project program, Episode No. 39, which aired on Inter on November 24, 2019. The leaders were faced with the task of creating a luxurious dining area in the huge living room of a country house near Kiev. What should be a table worthy to take center stage in such an interior?

The dining table is the main attribute of the dining room: it is located in the center of the room, gathers close people around it and creates a special atmosphere for them. Given the dimensions of the room, high ceilings, a fireplace and stone columns, a table of standard sizes and a typical appearance would hardly be appropriate here. It should be noble and exclusive furniture, massive enough, but at the same time not bulky and, of course, with a unique design!

That is why the “Successful Project” turned to Solovero, the company that is one of the few in Ukraine that creates innovative custom-made vintage wood furniture. The whole process from design development to the implementation of the author’s product takes place at the company's own production, and the raw materials are exclusively vintage wood “with a history” of 20 to 150 years old!

How do we do this?

Prior to launching into production, the material is carefully selected, sorted, checked for radiation background and the content of hazardous chemicals, and then processed with a microwave field in order to destroy the wood insects and pests, their eggs and larvae in a safe way. In the process of sterilization, the wood heals, freeing itself from fungus, bacteria, mold spores.

Since the table should last for many years, after processing the surface of the wood is varnished, waxed or wax-varnished at the request of the customer. This is enough to use the product in a room. If you want to place the table in places with high humidity, on a terrace or an open area, then it can be covered with a special insulating tape that protects the tree from moisture. On such a table you can safely put hot (non-metallic) dishes, even without a tablecloth, accidentally spilled hot drinks or even boiling water are not scary - it will not damage the table cover.

What was the dining table for the owners of a country house from the project?

- Loft countertop made from vintage oak with hand-crafted craftsmanship, perfect for exclusive furniture finishes;
- furniture Masta prop made of metal and vintage beams, durable and solid, but at the same time elegant and surprisingly harmonious.

According to the project participants, the vintage countertop in combination with the original form supports made a strong impression on them with their perfect look. Therefore, it is not surprising that this dining table took place just in the central part of the dining room - it is worth it!

And to see how the selection and production of the table went, you can in the video of the Inter channel on YouTube - Successful project. New season 2019 | Episode 39. (If you do not want to watch the entire program, then you can watch about our table from the 36th minute of the video). We wish you an interesting viewing and new ideas for the creative design of your space!

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