Solovero products are available in Austria now!


Solovero furniture, decor, lighting fixtures and other vintage wood products will now be available directly in Austria from our partner Keitel-Gloss GmbH. Solovero designer products are presented on the trading floor in the city of Mistelbach at:

Keitel-Gloss GmbH
Bahnstrasse 10
2130 Mistelbach

Cooperation with Keitel-Gloss GmbH began at the Hebitare 2019, the international exhibition of interior design, decor and furniture, which took place on September 11-15, 2019 in Helsinki (Finland) at the Helsinki Fair Center. Solovero company took part in the exhibition, presenting its products at it - designer products from vintage wood in the author's manual processing: furniture, wall decoration materials, decor items, mirrors, lamps.

Our products aroused keen interest both among direct visitors to the exhibition and among professionals who specialize in decorating residential and commercial interiors, as well as selling original furniture, conceptual furnishings, and design lighting solutions. Products from vintage wood were especially interesting, since the integration of antique objects or products from vintage materials into the most modern interior has been a very relevant trend in recent years.

As a result, Solovero received many interesting offers, one of which was the presentation of our products in the Keitel-Gloss GmbH store in Mistelbach (Austria). This is the second official point of sale of our products outside Ukraine - the first was the placement on the trading floors of Solovero Nord and Takara Nord in Tallinn (Estonia).

We are pleased to expand Solovero sales geography and hope that the number of connoisseurs of designer furniture and other vintage wood products will only grow! After all, this is not just a fashion trend and a unique approach to the design of one’s living space, but also a contribution to the conservation of the environment on our planet, because recycled wood is used to create such things, saving forests from deforestation and giving a second life to the tree “with history”.

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