Loft Style Furniture


Loft is one of the most popular design stylesin decoratingboth residential and commercial interiors in recent decades. And this, of course, is not accidental. Spacious layout, abundance of sunlight andair, natural materials with minimal (often manual) processing, simplicity and functionality, combined with elegant forethought of details - all this makes loft especially attractive for the modern people. We value it for freedom of expression, comfortable living space without the dominance of trifles and for having a unique opportunity to combine modern design with natural (especially vintage) materials.

Furniture has one of the key positions in the design of loft rooms. Extremely practical in its concise forms, sometimes deliberately coarse and massive, with a natural textured surface - it enchants by its simplicity and special charisma. Materials for such furniture are wood, metal, stone, glass, concrete, plywood and other natural raw materials.

Vintage wood furniture

Itis especially important to say about such a unique material for loft-style furniture as a vintage tree. Its popularity is rapidly growing throughout the world, including Ukraine, which is not surprising given the difficult environmental situation on the planet and the enormous rate of deforestation caused by the extremely active production of wood raw materials.

This reason is noble and justified, but it is certainly not the only one. What makes a vintage tree such a desirable material for both designers and customers?

  • Unique beauty of the material, preserving the originality of its texture and natural pattern being created by nature for many years;
  • Interesting personal story, which is common for the recycled wood;
  • Perfect match of the of the vintage tree surface features (with its scratches, scuffs, knots and cracks) and the loft styleaesthetics, in which the texture and originality, as close to natural as possible, are especially appreciated;
  • Durability and strength, superior to new wood from modern forests in resistance to deformation, cracking and swelling;
  • Possibility to create furniture with an individual character, lively warmth and energy of natural material.

Loft furniture of vintage wood is always spectacular, interesting and unusual. Such things usually exist in a single copy and allow to create a truly unique, exclusive interior in which each item is thought out and carries its own meaning.

Loft style furniture by SOLOVERO

SOLOVERO company is one of the leadersin the production of designer loft style furniture of vintage woodin Ukraine. Our craftsmen make tables, shelving, stands, shelves, coffee tables and other furniture, using only careful ways of woodprocessing, allowing to preserve the uniqueness of the natural material and its history.

All the recycled wood undergoes a thorough manual sorting, radiological and bacteriological control, microwave processing to destroy mold, fungus, woodworms and their larvae in the wood. Therefore, furniture made from such raw materials is 100% eco-friendly and absolutely safe for use in living accommodations, including children's rooms. Complemented by the aesthetics and author’s developments by the SOLOVEROdesigners, this furniture will give an unforgettable coloring, brightness and character to your interior!

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