Forest is a value that should be protected


Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, rich with forests, lakes, rivers, lush flora and diverse fauna. And it is so bitter to realize that our forests are being mercilessly destroyed, causing irreparable harm to the natural ecosystem, worsening the ecological situationalready far from beingreassuring.

SOLOVERO, of course, cannot stand aside and turn a blind eye to this state of affairs. Our contribution to the conservation of forests is the refusal to work with freshly chopped wood and the emphasis on vintage tree! All of our products, including designer furniture,luminaires, decor elements, wall and decorative materials are made exclusively from recycled wood.

We use exclusive technologies of material processing, gentle manual finishing, brashing, non-toxic microwave woodprocessing, excluding any harmful effects on wood and its structure, preserving the unique innate texture as natural and untouched. Purchasing SOLOVERO products you not only buy eco-friendly and exclusive designer products, but also together with us take care of ecology and preserve the country's natural wealth.

Let us preserve the ecology and forests of Ukraine together!

Варварская вырубка лесов
Наша продукция из винтажной древесины Дизайнерские изделия из винтажной древесины

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