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SOLOVERO company is a constant creative search, development and the pursuit of success, that's why we are happy to share with you our news, tell about interesting events, novelties and those events that make life creative, comfortable and dynamic in all respects.


Loft Style Furniture

Loft is one of the most popular design stylesin decoratingboth residential and commercial interiors in recent decades. And this, of course, is not accidental. Spacious layout, abundance of sunlight andair, natural materials with minimal (often manual) ...


Vintage tree in the interior is a global design trend

The use of vintage wood in the design of home and commercial interiors is gaining more and more adherents in many countries around the world, becoming a steady trend. Antique wood on the floor, ceiling or walls, furniture and decor from the recycled wo...


Forest is a value that should be protected

Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, rich with forests, lakes, rivers, lush flora and diverse fauna. And it is so bitter to realize that our forests are being mercilessly destroyed, causing irreparable harm to the natural ecosys...


Photo session with unique ceramics by Odarchenko

SOLOVERO company held a photo session with unique decor items created by the talented designer from Poltava - Slavko Odarchenko. The products of the Odarchenko workshop are an original symbiosis of Ukrainian pottery traditions and modern design stylist...

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