SOLOVERO at the International Furniture Forum KIFF 2018


KIFF 2018 - Kiev International Furniture Forum, which took place on the 12th to 15th of March in Kiev at IEC premises. KIFF 2018 is a place where designers, manufacturers, companies and factories present their novelties: furniture, lighting, decoration and interior, home textiles, ceramics and much more.

SOLOVERO company took an active part in KIFF 2018, presenting its own stand with unique design products at the main furniture exhibition of the country. Our furniture, lamps, decor and interior decoration materials of exclusive design, made from vintage wood of valuable species, raised significant interest of participants and visitors who left us many positive comments:

- At this time, our absolute favorite is Solovero, the design for which is not only a concern for external beauty, but also for the preservation of natural resources and environmental friendliness.
School of Design and Graphics ArtDesign Kiev

- Only natural materials, the embodiment of the most incredible ideas, the history of wood and modern processing technologies. All thatisSolovero. Lighting is just LOVE.
Tatyana Rudenko

- So,this yearKIFF eventgladly presented:bold color solutions byFabik, rough wood in lamps and wall panels bySolovero.
Olga Samostieva

SOLOVERO на Международном мебельном форуме KIFF 2018 SOLOVERO на выставке KIFF 2018
Мебель SOLOVERO SOLOVERO мебель из винтажной древесины
Изделия из винтажной древесины Отделка стен винтажной древесиной
Мебель эксклюзивного дизайна ТМ SOLOVERO SOLOVERO на Международном мебельном форуме KIFF 2018

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