Accent! Vintage wood


Do you know what vintage wood is and how to work with it, what are the advantages of this material and why has the vintage wood become an interior trend? The answers to these and many other questions were received by everyone attendingan event "Accent! Vintage wood", held 10/07/2018 in a professional location for designers and architects - our showroom.

Maximum information on vintage wood was presented by three companies seriously working with this unique material in Ukraine: Solovero, Staritska Maysternya and Noowoodwerks. They presented unique lines of furniture, lighting, wall decoration, flooring and exclusive interior objects made of vintage wood.

- Daniil Ikramov, ArtemKravchenko - Solovero, Nabaze;
- Natalia Bulanova, Dmitry Andriyanov - Staritska Maysternya;
- Roman Goreglyad - Noowoodwerks.

The event culminated in aZen-competition with a unique prize of a 100-year-old vintage wood array and a pleasant buffet with champagne and light snacks. We are sharing our impressions:

Акцент! Винтажное дерево Шоу-рум SOLOVERO
Винтажная древесина как интерьерный тренд Винтажная древесина в интерьере
Спикер Даниил Икрамов О винтажной древесине
Винтажная древесина - интерьерный тренд Спикер Артем Кравченко
Спикер Наталья Буланова Винтажное дерево
В шоу-руме SOLOVERO

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