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What happens when experienced professionals, who are in love with their work meet? Joint productive work, development and unique designer products of vintage wood.



SOLOVERO company was established in 2016 as an opportunity to realize some of its creators' ideas and submit exclusive furniture and decorations to the consideration of sophisticated community. Using a combination of natural materials of vintage wood and original design led the company to creating modern products, often combining several styles and directions. Often, the products are around such styles as Loft, Wabi-Sabi and Scandinavian and sometimes they harmonize with the Classics and traditional styles.

Simplicity of products, their sincere and open natural appearance can decorate any interior in which the owner is ready to combine modern material with the warmth that the vintage wood gives. Knowledge and experience we have acquired allow us to experiment and combine the incompatible in our products. The paradoxisinteresting to us.



  • Decorative panels;
  • Vintage wood, antique wood, antique timber, trimmed beam;
  • Decorative wall lamella, wood stick;
  • "Plank" - an interior decorative board;
  • Lighting equipment of wood: chandeliers, luminaires, lamps;
  • Furniture: tables, cabinets, chairs, dressers, bookcases, shelves;
  • Decor: frames, clocks, mirrors, vases, wood paintings, artistic panels.


During the manufacturing of original products for decoration of walls, decor, lighting and furniture of vintage wood, we ensure that our customers receive a unique, high-quality and environmental friendly product of modern design. Considering that vintage wood has no standards, and each company has unique work experiencewith it, we have created our own technology for the selection of material, its processing and usage. At each stage of production, the designers of the company take direct part in the creation of the product.Thatgives each single item its own unique appearance and character.

In addition to careful selection and drying, we treat wood from harmful microorganisms, beetles, larvae, mold and fungus. For this we use, among other things, a special highly efficient microwave technology that is completely harmless to wood and preserves its innate beauty and unique texture.



The SOLOVERO company is engaged in secondary wood processing. Having a large raw material base, we work with a vintage wood, which is from 20 to 150 years old. By giving a second life to natural materials with a history, we care about preserving the environment, dense forests and the ecology of the planet.

Author's products of SOLOVERO are made of different species of vintage wood: mostly oak and alder, as well as acacia sprouts, walnut, ash, wild cherry, cherry, apple. We use exclusively ecological varnishes and paints that do not affect human health, which ensure not only the durability of products, but also the safety of their owners. SOLOVERO takes care of the ecology, health and future of its customers!

«There are a lot of talented people in Ukraine, with a lot of creative ideas that the world lacks. Why don’t we show these ideas».

As a result, we work for export with urgent and impressive orders, standard and individual, appreciate creative solutions and think over every detail of our products.

"SOLOVERO - with love of nature for the people of a good taste"

Sozinov Aleksey Igorevich

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